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Picture evidence? to the spirit world?
Psychics.....Real Abilities?
Wondering About Investigating
Orbs; Paranormal or Very Normal?




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Picture evidence?

                                                                                                                                to the spirit world?

         Dreams, are they our link to the spirit world? Lost in the depths of our sub conscious mind are our deepest fears, greatest hopes, and possibly a link to our deceased family and friends. Maybe even the memory our own past life experiences.
Have you ever dreamt of a family member who has past? Maybe a good friend or even a pet? Did they take you back to a happy time you had together?

Psychics.....Real Abilities?

   Are some people blessed with TRUE abilities?  Do they have the ability to see scenes from the past or the future?  Can they truly see and interact with those who have past?  Some say that we as humans are all born with some psychic abilities and that as we age we are taught to ignore them.
Ever see a child play with their "invisible friend"?

Wondering About Investigating

I was just sitting here wondering why we, as investigators, do what we do, the way we do it. We go to these different places to investigate peoples claims of paranormal activity.  This reported activity has been witnessed by homeowners, employees, employers and various other property owners. People from all walks of life, all races, nationalities and socio-economic classes.
So with all the reports of activity there has to be a common denominator.

Orbs; Paranormal or Very Normal?

    Orbs seem to be very controversial in the paranormal community. Everyone has their opinion as to what they believe them to be. If you were to ask about orbs you would get answers like bugs, dust, moisture or even spirit energy. Some orbs come in different sizes and/or colors, some appear to have "smiley" faces or other objects in them. Is this a clue to their origin or a pixelation phenomenon?

Ghost Hunting

Just to set the record straight with all my non-paranormal friends, when I go to these places "ghost hunting" I am as big a skeptic if not bigger than you. I want the proof. I want the experiences that you see on t.v. do they always happen? No. Not every strange thing in a picture is a "ghost". Not every strange noise in the dark or on a recorder is a "ghost". If I find something odd from an investigation that I can't explain I'll put it out there for other opinions, not to say look, here's a ghost.