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Panhandle Paranormal Investigations - Always Searching For The Truth

Our primary focus is Bay County, Florida and the surrounding  Panhandle areas. We will travel as far as South Georgia and South Alabama. It may also be possible for us to travel to other areas with enough notice.
  No case is too small.  We are here to help you 
any way we can. 
 Even though our investigations are science based with the intention of finding a natural cause to supernatural activity, we also believe there are things beyond our current level of understanding and sight. When things go bump in the night, it is our job to find the reason behind it. 
  Panhandle Paranormal Investigations  is made up of serious-minded paranormal investigators who live in and around Bay County, Florida. We provide a scientific and common sense approach to our investigations. We use hi-tech and not so hi-tech equipment.  Our most important piece of equipment is our common sense. We do not automatically assume everything is paranormal. We are always searching for the truth.

  All investigations are done free of charge & completely confidential 
 We  know there are several other paranormal teams in the area.  We welcome the opportunity to work with any professional team out there. We do what we do for the sake of research and to help anyone we can. Not theatrics, drama, or competition.